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Can Java Moss Grow (Emersed) Out Of Water?

Can Java Moss Grow Emersed? Java moss is used in many aquariums and can survive completely underwater so long as it is given enough light.

However, there are some people who like to use java moss in their terrestrial tanks for decoration, or they may want to grow it on driftwood which will require it to grow emersed from time to time.

So does this mean that it’s possible for Java Moss to grow emersed?

Yes! It’s possible for the java moss to grow emersed and survive out of the water but you must provide proper conditions including a humid environment with adequate amounts of light and nutrients if necessary.

You can also help things along by misting the moss every couple of days with clean tap water using a spray bottle.

Can Java Moss Grow Emersed From Water?

When growing java moss out of the water this can be incredibly hard to do and many people have failed. This is because the moss has become completely dependent on water and will stay submerged underwater as long as it can.

If growing emersed is your goal, you should consider growing it out of the water this would be your best option and the one that will be the most successful.

The key with this method is to keep the java moss wet and ensure that it gets enough light while not submerged underwater.

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How To Grow Emersed Java Moss?

When growing emersed java moss you must first make sure that you have a plastic cup or container with a lid that has no holes (this needs to be completely sealed).

  • To start place a small amount of java moss in the container and spray it with a fertilizer solution (liquid Plant Food) to give the java moss nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Then spray with water and close the lid tightly before placing it in a well-lit area such as a windowsill or under outdoor lighting where there is plenty of sunlight.
  • You can mist the moss with clean tap water using a spray bottle every other day for this method to be successful, replacing the old dirty water that accumulates after each time you spray it.
  • Once the java moss is growing vertically and is an inch long start giving it a trim with scissors. The loose pieces that you cut will also grow so don’t take them out!
  • Finally when you see that the moss is growing strong and your starting to run out of room in your container you can remove some of the moss can transfer it to another container and just report the process.

Just remember to remove any water at the bottom of your container when you stay the moss this will also stop algae from growing and spoiling it.

How Often Should You Water It?

You will need to water the moss every other day at least, if possible try and keep it in a very humid environment with plenty of light. But not submerged underwater this way it can grow emersed while getting enough nutrients from the fertilizer solution.

Remember when you are watering this java moss make sure that there are no holes in the container because any leaks would let all of the humidity out which is needed for growth to take place.

Also, remember not to over-water, don’t pour or leave standing water otherwise, algae might start growing inside the cup on top of the moss causing problems later on. Spray only!

Problems With Growing Emersed Java Moss?  

Although Java moss can be fairly straightforward to grow, there are some problems that you might encounter when trying to grow it emersed.

The most common problem would be algae growing at the bottom of the container this might cause your plant to rot so make sure that if this happens you remove any affected pieces before the whole cup becomes unusable.

The same goes for any water that may be trapped at the bottom and is one of the main causes of algae build up so make sure you remove the water that collects at the bottom every time you spray the moss.

Final Thoughts

So now you know that java moss can be grown emersed from water and you also know the best ways to do it. java moss really is a beautiful plant and looks great in freshwater aquariums.

As long as you follow the steps mentioned above and take out of the water any pieces that start dying, then your emersed java moss should grow just fine!

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