How to get rid of Spanish moss. The natural way to remove Spanish Moss

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This could be the shortest advice article in the story; it would be enough to say it is removed by hand, stop, but let’s see in more detail.

Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides), although used as an ornamental plant or to purify the air, does not constitute a danger to our plants or garden, as it is neither a parasite nor a weed, may not be welcome in some gardens or landscapes.

Since it is not harmful in itself but an aesthetic reason removal, I would go for purely natural solutions without weighing down our plants or our garden with useless harmful substances.

Remove Spanish Moss from Tree

Physical Removal

One of the most effective ways to get rid of Spanish moss is to remove it by hand. Spanish moss is an air plant with no roots (bromeliad family) and is found hanging from plants.

Gently remove the moss from the tree or other surface, being careful not to damage the tree or other plants. It may be helpful to use gloves to protect your hands and a tool, such as a rake or a broom, to loosen up the moss if it is too large.

Pay attention to your safety. If you need to remove hanging Spanish moss from large trees such as oak, use a ladder and sling to tie yourself to the trunk or a very sturdy branch and remove the moss by hand directly from the branch.

High-Pressure Washer

A natural method of removing Spanish moss is also using pressurized water, not to be confused with pressurized water sprayed pesticide services. A pressure washer is a helpful tool for many things and often found in homes that can be used to remove moss of various types; for example, it is one of the best methods for removing moss between pavers and is also very effective for removing Spanish moss.

Direct the pressurized jet of water directly against the branch where the Spanish moss is hanging, and you will see that it will come down very easily. Also, excess water will rot your moss, which will turn brown, and you can easily remove the residues.

Humidity Control

Spanish moss thrives in warm, humid environments. By reducing the humidity in the area, you can make it more difficult for moss to grow. This can be done by increasing air circulation, using a dehumidifier, or watering plants less frequently.

Of course, this solution is feasible almost exclusively for houseplants but challenging to do in the garden or large areas.


Vinegar is a natural and cheap product made by fermenting ethanol (a type of alcohol) using bacteria. It is a clear liquid with a sour, acidic taste and is commonly used in cooking and as a natural cleaning agent.

Vinegar effectively destroys Spanish moss; you can spray it directly on the moss with a spray bottle and repeat the operation after a few hours. The moss will start to dry out. Once it has turned brown, you can remove it with a brush or rake.

This video demonstrates the process of killing spanish moss from bricks with vinegar. While the process isn’t specific to Spanish moss, the dynamic doesn’t change. Spray the solution of water and vinegar on the Spanish moss and remove the remaining hanging parts after two days.

After using your own hands, vinegar is the cheapest solution.

Soda spray

Also known as baking soda spray or baking soda spray, it is a cleaning product made from baking soda (baking soda). It is a natural product commonly used as a natural alternative to chemical-based cleaning products.

You can easily and cheaply make soda spray at home. You need a spray bottle. Very effective for removing moss but could also harm your plants, so be careful. Better to use it if you really want it in the moss parts that are not necessarily in contact with the plant.

Once dry, remove it with a rake or by hand.

If you want to see a practical example, even if not directly referring to the type of Spanish moss, this video shows how to use baking soda to kill moss in a lawn without using chemicals.

Moss thrives in acidic soil, while baking soda is alkaline and can be used to kill moss.

After 24 hours, the moss in the area treated with the baking soda and water mixture is dead, while the moss treated with pure baking soda is slowly changing color. Also, baking soda is cost-effective compared to chemicals and can be an environmentally friendly alternative.

Killing Spanish Moss, Natural way is better

These are the top natural methods for removing Spanish moss from trees.

There are many other methods for Spanish moss removal, but they are much more aggressive and chemical and are not the subject of this article.

Spanish moss is so easy to remove that I see no point in using chemicals. Unfortunately, we see obscenities of all kinds, even tree services or moss removal company that consider themselves professional and spray huge quantities of pesticides that are also harmful to trees, animals, and people.

So, if you intend to remove Spanish moss, you now know that natural solutions are just as effective and quick.

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